Watch Retrospekt on Vimeo

Retrospekt is a short film I worked on as dolly grip and electrician. It was shot back in 2010, so it’s a little while ago. Since I couldn’t make it to the premiere I’ve only seen bits and pieces of it before, but not the entire film. Fortunately it’s now available for everyone to watch on-line!

Watch it on Vimeo or

For more info, check out IMDB or Facebook.

Do not use Nikon D800 with Nikon Transfer!

So using my new camera brings new experiences all the time. Not all of the positive apparently!

As I imported my pictures today I realized that they were small, in both megabytes and resolution. I double-checked my camera settings, but all was as it should be. The pictures came out 1632×1080. So thinking it may be that they were taken in video mode I double checked that, but it was not the case. It all had me baffled as you can’t set size when shooting in RAW. Additionally Photoshop and Lightroom had troubles opening them.

After searching the Internet I found the answer. Apparently I had transfered them using Nikon Transfer! One should think this should be fine, but I tested it and it corrupted the files! Now, this is the old standalone Nikon Transfer (version 1.5.3 is the one I tested it with) and not the one incorporated into the new View NX2. If the same is the case for that one I don’t know and I don’t intend to find out! I just cursed at Nikon and uninstalled this God-awful piece of software ASAP!

I used Nikon Transfer to just transfer files onto the computer and later when I go through them I import them into Lightroom. Apparently the old version of this software was installed a long side the new one. Since I just transfer and then move on some files seems to be lost unfortunately. However, I’m glad I caught this so early on! From now on I’ll be transferring files with the old drag and drop, that way no silly software is going to f*** things up for me!

EBU test of Nikon D800 and D4

Just accidentally stumbled upon this. It’s an assessment by the European Broadcasting Union, the EBU, of the video capabilities of Nikon’s D800 and D4 cameras.

Check the links below for links for the PDF-files:

EBU test of Nikon D800
EBU test of Nikon D4

To sum up the tests; The D4 comes out a little better than the D800. The D4 is said to give 13 stops exposure range as to 12 on the D800. Both test best at 1080p recording and are deamed “not good” at 720p. They conclude that both can be used on a ISO value up to 6400 with reasonable results. Rolling shutter is at a minimum on both cameras and both cameras have good color performance.

However, the D4 performs better than the D800 as the conclusion for the D800 reads:”This camera cannot be recommended for serious programme-making.”

The EBU also tried to do a test on a Canon 5D. Link below for PDF:

EBU test of Canon 5D
However, this was a pre-production model which obviously lacked a low-pass filter. It failed the first test horribly and was not tested further.

Nikon D800; Finally got one!

Finally, I got my D800! Long waiting lists and slow delivery from Nikon resulted in a bit of a wait. Working in a Nikon Pro Dealer didn’t help either; you see, we let our customers get their’s first! That being said, I have had nearly unlimited access to the stores demo model, though.

But a demo model you borrow is not the same as your very own, and now I’ve got it! I haven’t been testing it very thoroughly yet, but I’ve been taking it for a spin out in the field and capturing a few shots. Shooting a fair bit of landscapes, the details, sharpness and dynamic range is something that just stood out immediately! (as did the huge file size! This is going to eat away at my 2TB mirrored NAS) It’s great! I’ve tested it hands-on before and so I knew what I was getting. Some minor things to get used to with a full frame camera, some new buttons, but not many. All in all, it didn’t take long to get used to it, but man what an enjoyable camera. Just fun to work with!

Below are some shots I took with the D800. The RAW-files were edited quite quickly, but you get the picture.