Offshore Strategy Conference 2013

Last week I did a job as a still photographer for the event Offshore Strategy Conference 2013.Offshore Strategikonferansen 2013


The event organizer Conventor, published an album of photos from the event at their Facebook Page. In addition Norsk Industri used not only one, but two of my photos for their coverage on the event.

Shooting the Moon


Full moon

Full moon shot using Nikon D800 and Super-Takumar 200mm 1:8

Such a beautiful full moon out tonight, I just had to get a shot. The picture shown above is shot hand held out my attic window using Nikon D800 with a Pentax Super-Takumar 200mm 1:4 lens. If you’re interested there is more on how to mount M42 lenses on Nikon F in this post.

I also tried to freelens a Tokina 500mm 1:8 mirror lens. Unfortunately it had a Canon FD mount, hence it would not focus correctly on my Nikon. Fortunately, though I have an old Canon AE-1, so I put in some film and tried to get some shots with the 500mm. I also tried a 2x tele-converter along with it. I’m looking forward to the results, however I’ll have to finish the roll and develop it first. The joys of shooting analog!