GoPro Hero 3

I work in a photo shop and we get new products all the time. Recently we became a GoPro dealer. A colleague and I wanted to test the new GoPro Hero 3. Neither of us had much experience with it so we figured we’d start off with the basics.

We brought a GoPro camera and a bunch of accessories. Since my colleague wanted to learn some video editing we also brought a Nikon D4 with the intention of making a little behind the scenes film for the stores website and Facebook page. My colleague brought his bike and we found a little hilltop. We hooked up the GoPro and he rode the hill a couple of times. It all worked perfectly until we got a bit cocky.

A trip to the emergency room later and we had a little movie. Enjoy!

National Jamboree

No, I’m not a scout, but this weekend I was a camera operator during the production of the opening show for the National Scout Jamboree in Stavanger. The production was a live large screen event production and was also streamed live online.

I have no idea how many scouts were present, but I heard the number 10 000 mentioned. Let’s just say the amount of scouts and the show itself was quite impressive. The production lasted two days, with an opening show on Saturday, and an event on Sunday. On Friday I’ll be operating the camera for the closing show as well.

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