Video workshop in Tromsø

A couple of weeks ago I spent almost a week in a little village a couple of hours outside of Tromsø, in the northern parts of Norway. This is actually my second trip up north lately, however this one was all work.

I had been hired by the Center for Northern Peoples to arrange a four days video workshop, teaching them how to make better videos. They have started a project using videos as part of their work, and they are going to use videos in documentation, promotion and on larger cultural projects. My job was to give them proper training and teaching them the equipment and techniques needed to master the trade and make good videos.

It was four intense, but very fun days! We went through everything from the basics of the camera to actually shooting some video, and editing video and sound. It was a workshop with a perfect mix of theory and practice, and a steep learning curve I imagine. Just as it should be!

In the end the client was very happy and ready to make videos, and I had spent four days in the beautiful scenery of Manndalen outside of Tromsø. Unfortunately, I didn’t get time to explore the area properly and take more photos, but below you can see some of my snapshots. Some of my photos were also published on the Center of Northern Peoples’ Facebook page here and here.