Nora tomorrow

A couple of weeks ago I worked as a lighting assistant for a local short film. It was a three days shoot from Friday to Sunday, and we shot it outside an old hospital and inside an old abandoned school.

Check out the film’s Facebook page, this article (in Norwegian) and their YouTube Channel to see some photos and videos.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the results!

Expanding laptop storage

A couple of weeks ago I upgraded my laptop by swapping the current hard drive, a SSHD type disk, with a new SSD. The performance was noticeable increased at once!

However, now I had another problem. My old hard drive was 750 GB and my new SSD only 240 GB. So, storage became a problem. I store most my stuff on a NAS with a Raid setup, but this is more of an archive. It’s slow to work with video files from network storage, so I need a bit of storage locally on my computer as well.

The solution was to take out the DVD-player and put my old hard drive back in as a second disk. I’ve rarely used my DVD-player at all so this is no loss to me. I bought a kit from IcyBox, IcyBox IBAC642. The kit consisted of a caddy for the HDD so that it could be installed in the optical drive bay of my laptop. The kit also had a chassis for the DVD-player so that I can use it as an external USB DVD-player. While the DVD-player chassis was metal, the caddy was plastic. All in all the build quality of the kit did not impress me, but then again it was cheap and it does exactly what I need it to do.

IcyBox  IBAC642, SSD/HDD caddy

IcyBox IBAC642, SSD/HDD caddy. Comes with caddy for your HDD/SSD, and external USB chassis for you DVD.

Installing it was really simple. It does need you to know your way around a computer, but no it does not require any special knowledge. The job took less than 10 minutes and involved less than 10 screws. The result is that I now have a high performance SSD, making my computer fast and more than enough storage space for other stuff.

Fujifilm Nordic Workshop

Last Saturday I was in Oslo at an event with Fujifilm Nordic. Fujifilm Nordic invited representatives from all the main photo shops to take part in an “ambassador” meet and great. The ambassador is the person at the local shop in charge of promoting Fujifilm products. At the shop where I work that’s me.

It was a very interesting day. First was the obligatory update on Fujifilm products and campaigns. It was very nice to get some new insight, and more product knowledge. I find it much more interesting and fun to work with and sell product I actually know well, and know are good products.

The event was held in the studio of new Norwegian X-photographer Pål Laukli, and after the guys from Fujifilm finished, he had arranged a little workshop where we shot with the X-T1 and different lenses in his studio. The guys from Fujifilm had brought the entire rage of XF lenses for us to try, even the brand new XF 16mm 1:1.4R WR (this looks like an amazing lens by the way!). It was very interesting to pick up some tips on lighting for studio, something I’ve rarely done.

What I noticed when importing and editing the images afterwards was that I shot mainly on wide open apertures. At 1.2 and 1.4 the Fujinon lenses are fantastic! Very sharp and very little vignetting. I also noticed that I didn’t need to do a lot of post processing on the RAW-files. They look very good straight from the camera. As long as I did things right in the first place, and the exposure and such is correct, I ended up just applying Fuji’s film simulations and doing some minor tweaks afterwards. Below are some photos from the workshop.