Don’t throw away the silica gel!

Silica gel packs

Don’t throw away the silica gel packs! They are a camera bag’s best friend.

Here’s a little ingenious tool tip that a lot of you probably know, but it’s one that everybody should know!

You know when you buy a new bag, an electronic device or clothes you usually get some of those small packs of silica gel along with it. You know the small bags that says ‘Do not eat’, well they should also say ‘Do not throw away’!


I always keep a couple of silica gel packs in my camera bag. Why? Well the whole point of them is that they absorb moisture, and keeping them in my bag prevents moisture from attacking my camera equipment. They cost nothing as you get them every time you buy certain things, they don’t take up space and the don’t add any weight. They’re just there and yet they do a good job at protecting your equipment. So next time you buy a new camera bag, don’t throw them away, simply leave them be!

There are actually a whole lot of other uses for the silica gel as well!

Always keep a couple of silica gel packs in your camera bag to absorb moisture and protect your gear.

Always keep a couple of silica gel packs in your camera bag to absorb moisture and protect your gear.

One trick to instantly improve you camera straps!

I’m not a big fan of the camera straps that comes with the camera. There are several reasons why, but now I think I have found a solution!

Firstly I don’t like using straps. When working on events or shoots I prefer to be able to put down my camera and move it around freely without risking the strap getting caught on something and jerking the camera out of my hand.

Secondly I don’t like to travel with a yellow Nikon strap or red Canon strap that yells “Hey, look at my expensive camera”.

And last I hate to attach the straps because there’s no easy and quick way of detaching and attaching them again. So it’s a strap or no strap scenario and then I generally prefer the no strap one.

Up until now I’ve used a Sun Sniper strap. It’s easy to attach when I need it and it’s a great strap for carrying a heavier camera like my D800. However, a while back I traveled to Oslo and went all analog. I only carried a Nikon FM2 and a 24mm f/2.8. This setup is a little light and too small for the Sun Sniper to work comfortably and I would’ve liked to just carry it in a standard camera strap, but I didn’t want to spend the ten minutes it takes to attach one.

The solution however was quite simple. I bought a selection of camera straps on eBay quite cheap (this and this). Good looking straps that don’t yell expensive camera and the quality was all right. Then I bought a selection of bag clasps like this. It was a simple case of attaching the clasps to the straps and voil√†! The straps can easily be attached and detached from the camera depending on the situation.

Camera strap with clasps

A simple, cheap and easy solution: Camera strap with clasps.