Final updates on links

Ok, so that headline is a lie. The thing is I’ve now updatet the links so that they’re back to the state they used to be back on my old blog. Check it out, lot of cool and useful stuff there!

As for future updates I’ll update the links section as I stumble over new stuff. Right now there are a lot of video related links so I’ll try to get some more photo related ones as well.

If you know of any cool websites I should put on my lists let me know!

Updated links

Had some free time on my hand today, so I was able to sit down and update the links in the Cool Stuff section on this blog. Currently the two categories I’ve updated so far is the Forums & Communities category and the Videos category. Forums & Communities is a list of links to online forums and discussion communities where you can meet others and discuss video, photo and media production. The Video category contains a list of websites where you can upload videos. Believe it or not there are other alternatives than YouTube. At the moment it’s mostly links to sites centering around video, but I’ll try and update them with more photo related sites as well.

If you know of a link I should put on the list please leave a comment below.


Introducing “Cool Stuff”!

On my old blog I used to have a pretty neat collection of cool stuff; downloads, links and articles. Now that I’m relunching my blog I fiured I might relunch the “Cool Stuff” as well.

So I booted up my backup drive and started digging. Luckily I’m not good at throwing stuff away. After a little digital digging I found the folder containing my old website and there were the old txt-files containing my old pages.

For my old blog I used the SimplePHPBlog script. A great script! I really enjoyed using it. It was simple, yet powerful and had all I needed. Not to mention it ran without any SQL-database, and since my webhost didn’t have a database it was perfect.

Ok, enough geek-talk. Point is, the files I recovered was not HTML, and I havn’t figured out how to import them into this new blog, except doing it manually. So, it might take a while before I’ve imported all the stuff I had. After all there was a section of free software downloads, a whole lot of links to forums and tutorials, and also some articles I’ve written. But the good new is, the first part, the downloads, is finished! Not only did I import the old stuff I had, but I also updated it with a few new ones.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you all. “Cool Stuff”! Or at least the start of it. I’ll continue updateing it the next couple of weeks until it’s back to what it used to be. Then I’ll start working on new stuff. When it comes to the section of articles I’ll probably write new ones.

But for now, enjoy the new downloads!