Happy Halloween!

We were carving out a pumpkin the other day and I found a lot of cool stuff I wanted to shoot, so I did and edited it into a little halloween video.

Now, I shot this using a Nikon D90. While it’s a great DSLR that takes excellent photos it’s video quality is absolutley crap! End of story. The rolling shutter is a big issue, there’s a total lack of manual control, and there are no sound control at all. As always you can work around it, but it’s frustrating.

The timelapse in the beginning was more of a test. I want to do some more timelapse shoots later. So this one was a quick set up, just to try out the camera and software. I’ll come back with more details when I do a proper timelapse shoot.

This is the second time I use it to shoot video. The first time to test it, this time because it was the only camera I had at hand. This not being a serious project I figured the quality wasn’t that important.

But I lacked more than a proper camera for this little pet project. I usually edit on Final Cut Pro, but I didn’t have access at the moment, so I ended up editing on iMovie. I’ve never really like the “simple” editing softwares. I actually think they’re much harder to use, believe it or not.

So a Happy Halloween to you all! So far we’ve had less than ten kids trick or treating at our door and we’ve started to eat the rest of the candy ourselves.