Way to spend a Sunday

Yesterday I planned to have a lazy Sunday, but then I got a call from a gaffer I know. He needed an assistant for a short film shoot. Having nothing else to do I said yes.

The film was a low-budget short. Most of the department heads were professionals, but the assistants were high school kids. Because the scene they were going to shoot was kind of difficult the gaffer wanted a more experienced assistant as best boy.

The scene that was going to be shot was am interior of a bus. But, it was going to be shot against a green screen. Hence the lighting job was a bit more difficult. Originally the gaffer planned to have a HMI placed on top of the bus. Being the lightweight on the crew I climbed up on the roof. The roof was wet, slippery and gave in to my weight. There was also a sign warning us to walk or scratch the gas tank placed on top of the roof. This caused me to utter the sentence; “I don’t think we should place the HMI on top of a gas tank on the edge of a slippery roof of a bus.” Luckily everyone agreed. Hence we had to light it a different way than the gaffer intended.

We used two HMIs to light the green screen. We used Kinoflows and red heads to light the interior.

We used Kinoflows to light from the outside. Notice the rig. A frankenrig made of C-Stand arms.

I have not read a script, so I have no idea what this film is about. All I know is that it was a short film and it has a bus scene. All in all the production was fun. Though I wasn’t prepared for the hours! I thought it was going to be a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon. When I got home 2AM I was pretty tired.