Friday Production: Notekoppen #2

Another Friday, another production. My responsibility this week was graphics. Graphics is not the hardest job. Since most of the templates are already made, the job mostly consists of writing in the text and manually queuing it, so it appears on screen at the right time.

However, one huge challenge with being responsible for graphic is that nobody really know the system we use very well. Nobody! Hence we have to learn it all by ourselves. Now, the system we use is a professional broadcast solution, Pinnacle Dekocast. It’s a fairly powerful system that works really well. Unfortunately, it’s a bit old. Some 7 years or so. Meaning the front-end computer runs on Windows 2000 and it’s a bit challenging to operate.

Most students are really frustrated by this and say there are no logic behind this system. I’ve had a couple of run ins with stuff like this before. Now outdated, but still in use purpose-built systems. These are really stable systems, and you’ll be able to use them for many years, making them good investments. Unfortunately they get outdated on the software side when new, simpler and more intuitive software comes along. Such systems work really well, but seeing as they work on an almost 10 years old view of the computer world the logic seems all messed up today. But there is logic there. You just need to find it. If you know why stuff is done in a certain way you’ll easier understand it. A system built on 10 years old technology would have other hinders and bottlenecks than today. The logic is there, but it’s hard to see for someone used to newer technology which has a totally different approach to things.

Unfortunately I didn’t take the time to really learn the Dekocast system. I just figured out the stuff I needed to get the job done. Most of the job was preparation. Filling in names and titles and sorting them in the right order of appearance in a playlist. When the show was on, my only job was pushing space at the right time. Today’s show did have more names than the previous, hence more to do than before, but still not a lot.

This weeks slow job was welcomed however. Last week I was busy as scripting the show and next week I’m producing it so that’ll definitely be a busy week!