Do not use Nikon D800 with Nikon Transfer!

So using my new camera brings new experiences all the time. Not all of the positive apparently!

As I imported my pictures today I realized that they were small, in both megabytes and resolution. I double-checked my camera settings, but all was as it should be. The pictures came out 1632×1080. So thinking it may be that they were taken in video mode I double checked that, but it was not the case. It all had me baffled as you can’t set size when shooting in RAW. Additionally Photoshop and Lightroom had troubles opening them.

After searching the Internet I found the answer. Apparently I had transfered them using Nikon Transfer! One should think this should be fine, but I tested it and it corrupted the files! Now, this is the old standalone Nikon Transfer (version 1.5.3 is the one I tested it with) and not the one incorporated into the new View NX2. If the same is the case for that one I don’t know and I don’t intend to find out! I just cursed at Nikon and uninstalled this God-awful piece of software ASAP!

I used Nikon Transfer to just transfer files onto the computer and later when I go through them I import them into Lightroom. Apparently the old version of this software was installed a long side the new one. Since I just transfer and then move on some files seems to be lost unfortunately. However, I’m glad I caught this so early on! From now on I’ll be transferring files with the old drag and drop, that way no silly software is going to f*** things up for me!

FireWire trouble?

I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in Oslo. I’m here to take part in Skagen Funds New Years Conference. I’ve written about the work I do for Skagen Funds before. We’re a team of two who’ll be taking care of some live streaming of interviews during the conference.

Lately we’ve spent hours setting up the system. We’re using Livestream, an easy to use, simple web-based system. Didn’t take too long to learn, however connecting the camera we’re using to the computer caused big problems.

We’re using a good old-fashioned DV camera. They have a feature which let them stream video live to the computer through FireWire, a feature most new cameras recording to hard drives or memory cards lack. The problems started when we tried to connect this camera to the computer through a FireWire cable. It worked fine on my old MacBook. However it was not powerful enough to stream to the internet, so we needed a newer computer. We tried with two newer MacBook Pros, but no luck. It would not recognize the camera. However we thought we struck gold when it suddenly started working. Everything seemed fine, for a couple of minutes, but then suddenly it stopped working again and once again we were back at square one.

The two computers ran different versions of Mac OS X and after a lot of testing we concluded it must have been some kind of FireWire 400/800 problem. The two versions should be compatible, though.

The solution was getting a new Windows-based computer. It had, like my MacBook, a FireWire 400 connection and we had no problem connecting the DV camera. It was a very odd error, but whatever it was the system is now working and after thorough testing it seems to be stable.

Let’s just hope it still works tomorrow….