Bislett Games 2012

This is actually a post I’ve been meaning to write for over a week, but just haven’t found the time to do so.

Bislett Stadion, the stadium hosting the Bislett Games

Last Thursday the annual Bislett Games, an international track and field event, took place at Bislett Stadium in Oslo. Being a big international event that is part of the Diamond League the event is broadcasted every year. In charge of the production was the NRK, and being an intern there I got to be part of it. I operated one of the standard camera with a wide shot during the running events so nothing too cool. What was cool, however was the fact that this actually became my first ever job on an internationally broadcasted production!

How many cameras can you spot?

The production of Bislett Games is a pretty huge one. There was 30-something cameras in use. Some normal TV-cameras mounted on tripods, but a lot of other special cameras. In addition to the more conventional cranes and Steadicams, some more unconventional cameras and equipment was used. Such as a wirecam with a stabilized Cineflex camera, rail camera, remote-controlled cameras, and mini-cameras. Some of these systems such as the wire camera was actually developed by a guy at the NRK who specializes in engineering custom-made special cameras.

HD1 and HD2. NRK’s newest and largest OB-trailers.

The car park for the production was quite large. Two HD OB-trailers and three SNG vans. In addition there was a number of transport vehicles. 4-5 trucks and a number of vans to transport personnel and equipment.

A small part of the carpark.

Needless to say a production of this size require preparation. A total of three days was used to pull cables, rig cameras and equipment. All for a show that lasted an evening. Now a little bit of numbers and  fun facts:

  • The production used over 30 cameras.
  • Required over 8000 meters of cables.
  • 2 state of the art HD OB busses was used. Track events was being produced simultaneously as field events. Two simultaneous productions were made; one national and one international.
  • The international broadcast was broadcasted to 159 countries.

Bislett Game 2012. The event was sold out and the stadium was packed!

In the middle of production

Sorry, it’s been quiet lately. The reason is I’m in the middle of a short film production. A little while back I got a call from a student at the renowned Norwegian Film School. He was the producer for a graduate film that was going to be shot in, and around, Stavanger and they needed a lighting assistant and he got my number from someone I’ve worked with on another project.

I’m thrilled to work with some very professional and competent people on this project. The Norwegian Film School is a very renowned and a very good school. A film from the last batch of graduate films, Tuba Atlantic won the Student-Oscars and is now nominated for the Academy Award for best short film.

You may read more about the project on their IndieGoGo page. For Norwegian readers you can read more about the current production on the University of Stavanger’s website (which also features a small interview with your’s truly), the official Facebook page or a local newspaper article.