Working on a rewrite

All other exams are done! All my focus is currently on my final thesis-project for my bachelor’s degree. It’s a two part project; one practical production part and one written thesis. Each student is responsible for his or hers production which can be a short or documentary film or a music- or TV-production. Meaning one student is responsible for everything from producing, directing, photography, editing and everything else on his or hers production. While we do get help they’re mainly assistants. Making this a quite challenging production.

I’m doing a short film for my production. Currently I’m at the script-writing stage. I’m on my fourth rewrite of the script now and hopefully done soon. Actually, as I’m shooting in just a couple of weeks, I don’t really have much of a choice in the matter.

The film, with the working title Over Fjellet (Over the Mountain), in short is a drama between a young couple hiking in the mountains. It’ll be shot entirely outside in the mountains, which will be challenging when it comes to logistics and weather and just about anything else. Hopefully it will be an interesting and fun experience where I get to focus on cinematography and storytelling.

Broadcasting Breaking News

This week our annual news project, Nyhetsprosjektet, started at school. It’s a cool project that involves the TV-production class and journalism class working together to create a multi platform news broadcaster. Through our website, we’ll publish news like an online newspaper. In addition we’ll have regular live streaming of web-based radio and TV.

The TV-production students are responsible for the TV webcast from the studio as well as producing news segments to be part of the webcast. The journalism student act as reporters and journalists on all platforms.

In the preparations for the project I, along with one other, served as technical manager. Our job was to set up all the technical equipment, ensure it was connected correctly and working as intended. Interesting and educational job. As the project started however, I took on a less technical job (still consulting the current TM at times though, as I knew the set-up).

The set-up in the control room we use (titles and job description may vary from production to production or studio to studio, but this is how we do it)  consist of the following crew: One sound engineer, one script (responsible for scripting the show, keeping track of the progress of the production and news segments in production and gathering information like time, names of people etc. and running the teleprompter. Basically this position gathers several jobs that may be split on a larger production) one graphic coordinator, on technical manager (also responsible for video playback and vision engineering) and a Producer (combined vision mixer and television director). The control room crew is all second year students. In addition we have three camera operators and a light assistant, all first year students.

From Monday to Wednesday my job was Script. An interesting and very busy job. Today and tomorrow I’m the producer. It’s not as busy as script so that’s why I have time to write this. From next week I’m in the segment production group, meaning I’ll be serving as a camera man or video journalist producing news segments.

Anyway, you can check out the previous webcasts on our website, or Vimeo. If you want to watch it live, we’ll be broadcasting on this link at 17.00 from Monday to Friday the next weeks.

Friday production: Notekoppen #1

Today we produced the first episode of Notekoppen, The Note Cup, for our TV-production 2 class. My job was script and I had most of it under control. The part I was most curious about was scripting the band we had in the studio.

The band was called Bow To Your Sensei and was a local hard rock band. They were going to play a total of two songs. I was lucky, cause my producer didn’t want detailed scripting on the music performance. He just wanted me to keep track of the cool parts and solos etc and he didn’t have a detailed¬† camera plan, but decided a lot on the go.

As the script I made the plans for the day and included plenty of time for rehearsals. And I’m glad I did so! The first rehearsal had potential, but didn’t exactly go smooth. After a couple of runs it started to look better. Every time we noticed details we could do different or better and when it came time for the actual production it all went pretty smooth, almost perfect. (It’s never really perfect)

I manage to keep track of the program and the songs, always one step ahead and while the mood in the control room was rather hectic, as it should be, it seemed like everyone had their responsibilities under control. The result was a pretty good show. I think everyone, including the band, was happy with the result.

Would you like to see the show? It’ll be published on The University of Stavanger’s Vimeo Channel.

Keeping track

Yesterday and today I’ve been keeping track of people, timescodes, seconds, minutes. What’s happening next? That’s my responsibility as I’m script for this weeks friday production in class.

This next series of friday productions is called Notekoppen, The Note Cup. (Weird name, I know) This next series consist of four shows and this time the focus is music. Every week we’ll have a new band in the studio who’ll play two songs live. Producing music performances is a new challenge, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

I’ve shot numerous music performances, but mostly as a camera operator. I really like it. I think it’s challenging and a lot of fun. At least if the music is good. This time I’m behind the camera, keeping track of it all. It’ll be interesting. I like keeping things under control and making plans isn’t too bad, so it’s my kind of job, but this is the first time I’m doing something like this on this scale. The music performance part is going to be really interesting. Keeping track of when guitar solos and cool stuff comes is the part I’m most curious about.

Now, I’m off to fine tune the plans for tomorrow.