Back from the mountains

So, I’m back from the mountains after a tought, but fun film shoot. Hauling equipment up and down the mountain was a bit rough, but great scenery and great people made it all very much fun!

The production even made the local news! Not a surprice really, as there’s not much happening there. Check out the video the local news paper posted on their web-site here!

I’m actually getting ready for a film shoot

Kit readyWhile it may not look like it, I’m actually getting ready for a film shoot. I’ve been hired as a lighting technician on a short film and this is a photo of the gear I’m taking with me.

The film is a short film and it’ll be a 5 day shoot up in the mountains near the Pulpit Rock. Since it’s fall the weather can be quite unpredictable, but the forecast reports sun and blue skies (let’s hope I get to use the sun glasses!). However, it’ll be chilly!

As always one of the challenges of shooting a film in the middle of nowhere and off road, is getting the equipment to the location. It’s a familiar challenge for me from shooting my short Over Fjellet, hence I’m bringing a good backpack, plenty of water and good shoes with me!


Working on a rewrite

All other exams are done! All my focus is currently on my final thesis-project for my bachelor’s degree. It’s a two part project; one practical production part and one written thesis. Each student is responsible for his or hers production which can be a short or documentary film or a music- or TV-production. Meaning one student is responsible for everything from producing, directing, photography, editing and everything else on his or hers production. While we do get help they’re mainly assistants. Making this a quite challenging production.

I’m doing a short film for my production. Currently I’m at the script-writing stage. I’m on my fourth rewrite of the script now and hopefully done soon. Actually, as I’m shooting in just a couple of weeks, I don’t really have much of a choice in the matter.

The film, with the working title Over Fjellet (Over the Mountain), in short is a drama between a young couple hiking in the mountains. It’ll be shot entirely outside in the mountains, which will be challenging when it comes to logistics and weather and just about anything else. Hopefully it will be an interesting and fun experience where I get to focus on cinematography and storytelling.

Watch Retrospekt on Vimeo

Retrospekt is a short film I worked on as dolly grip and electrician. It was shot back in 2010, so it’s a little while ago. Since I couldn’t make it to the premiere I’ve only seen bits and pieces of it before, but not the entire film. Fortunately it’s now available for everyone to watch on-line!

Watch it on Vimeo or

For more info, check out IMDB or Facebook.

Retrospekt on IMDB

The other day I noticed that Retrospekt, a short film I worked on about a year ago, is now listed at IMDB. There is not a lot on info on it yet, but hopefully it’ll grow.

The film is about a young girl in a mental institution and it was shot at an old asylum outside the city. I came on set originally as an electrician, but ended up as a dolly grip also. It was a very fun film to work on and we had a great time on set.

The film is not to be found online yet. It premiered December 10th, but I had to work and could not attend. Hence I have not yet seen the complete film, only bits and pieces, but from what I’ve seen it looks very promising.

Check out Retrospekt on IMDB or the Official Facebook Page (Norwegian)