Den store kroppen

Earlier this week I was contacted by performance artist Sidsel Christensen. Last year I did a job photographing her performance called “Christine Schriber utenfor rammen”. This time she had another performance called “Den store kroppen” and wondered if I could take some photos.

Being a little short notice I didn’t get the time to scout the location before hand. It turned out it was a dark room lit only by a projection. Low light and harsh lighting was hardly the best conditions, but it’s all about making the best of it.

The performance, named “Den store kroppen” or “The Big Body”, was a performance art piece that brought the viewers on a journey from a cellular to a cosmic level.

This was also the first time I tried my new Fujifilm X-T10 with Fujifilm 23mm 1:1.4 lens for a job. It was actually a great kit for the job because the 23mm is very sharp at f/1.4 making it a great combo in low light. The X-T10 is also a lot smaller and discreet and more silent than the my Nikon D800. Unfortunately 23mm (or 35 full frame equivalent) was not the best focal length for this job. Most of my shots was either wider, like 24mm, or closer to 70mm.

Despite the low light challenge, it was a fun shoot and a good performance. Check out some of the images below!

Christiane Schreiber utenfor rammen

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing at the opening of Sidsel Christensen’s latest work in Stavanger. She is a London-based visual artist, and her work was a performance art piece named “Christiane Schreiber utenfor rammen – 4 synsvinkler og 1 personlig brev”. The art piece centered around the story of 19th century Norwegian painter, Christiane Schrieber, as a symbol of struggling female artists.

It was a very interesting shoot. I’m used to event photography, but this was in a different setting then I’m used to. It was a bit challenging, though shooting events usually is in some way or another, but it was also very fun! Check out some of the images below!