Friday production: Notekoppen #3

I was the producer for this week’s production of Notekoppen, our weekly production at school. It was an interesting experience.

My job was pretty much to make sure everything tied together. I had to make all the major decisions, answer everyone’s questions and keep track of everyone. Who’s doing what, when and where. As the producer I had my say in just about everything. One thing in particular I wanted to improve for this week’s production was the camera work. It had been okei in the past, but I wanted it to be good for this week. I wanted the all over visuals to be good.I knew the preparations the light and set design guys had done was very good, but I was still excited to see if everything would work.

Friday morning started with a briefing, followed by everyone preparing for rehearsals. Then came the first rehearsal. We rehearsed all the studio stuff first then later when the band came we would rehearse the musical parts. The first rehearsal went terrible. People were unprepared and lacked focus. So just before lunch I gathered everyone in the studio and had a little speech. Not exactly harsh, but determined. I simply told people that this was not good enough, and pointed out things that needed to be fixed. Then I asked if everyone would be ready for the next rehearsal or if anyone needed more time. No one replied. Not quite sure if they didn’t want to say or if they had control, but when time came to rehearse again after lunch everyone was ready and everything worked.

The next rehearsals went pretty well. We got control over the studio stuff. Then came the band. Or at least part of the band. Two band members ran late. Very late. And no-one could get the hold of them. We prepared all we could prepare, but then we ended up waiting. After waiting an hour or so, people were getting restless. It was Friday afternoon, we were running late and people had plans and places to be. I made the executive decision to do a final test and then just record the show with an ad hoc guitar duo if the rest didn’t come. Just then the remaining band members arrived. But we were running late. I decided we have a 5 minute sound check which also became the camera rehearsal. Originally we would have run through the two songs at least twice, then have a final rehearsal of the entire show, then go to recording. I decided we didn’t have time for any of that and after a 5 minute sound check /camera rehearsal we would go straight to recording.

Our teacher was not too happy with this decision, as it was a bit bold, but agreed it was the right one, considering the circumstances. So how did it go? Well we had a couple of hiccups, but nothing to serious. Just a couple of times the pre-recorded stuff was started a little late. We’ll edit it before it’s uploaded to Vimeo.

When it came to the musical part I dare say it was the best looking musical part this far! We had some beautiful dolly and jib shots, some great cross fades and in and out of focus stuff. All in all a pretty good looking result! Impressive in fact, considering we hadn’t had time to rehearse a complete song, only partials.

It was a relieved and happy producer who left campus Friday night.


Currently sitting in the studio control room at school checking out different camera angles. I’m the producer of this weeks Notekoppen, our weekly Friday production. I’ve been tying it all together while making plans and answering questions. Right now, I’m looking at the studio through the lens of the cameras checking out the lighting and it looks great. The guys doing lighting and set design have done a really great job! I also have a camera guy in there rehearsing on the jib and he’s getting some nice smooth shots.

As the producer I want to up the ante a bit for this weeks show. Which is why I have a dolly,  jib, a handheld and a fourth unmanned camera in the studio while there’s usually just three cameras om studio tripods. I want to take the visual one step further.

All in all this looks like it’s going to be a good show. We’re a bit set back due to people being ill and elsewhere occupied, giving me some extra challenges. However, so far things have tied together nicely, and I’m positive about this show. It looks like we have things under control. Light and sound is doing final touches and this weeks band, Sporv, will be here in about 10 minutes to do light and sound checks.

I think I may be a little to calm, but so far it seems like everything is under control. Tomorrow however, it’ll probably all be total chaos!