Friday production: Notekoppen #1

Today we produced the first episode of Notekoppen, The Note Cup, for our TV-production 2 class. My job was script and I had most of it under control. The part I was most curious about was scripting the band we had in the studio.

The band was called Bow To Your Sensei and was a local hard rock band. They were going to play a total of two songs. I was lucky, cause my producer didn’t want detailed scripting on the music performance. He just wanted me to keep track of the cool parts and solos etc and he didn’t have a detailed¬† camera plan, but decided a lot on the go.

As the script I made the plans for the day and included plenty of time for rehearsals. And I’m glad I did so! The first rehearsal had potential, but didn’t exactly go smooth. After a couple of runs it started to look better. Every time we noticed details we could do different or better and when it came time for the actual production it all went pretty smooth, almost perfect. (It’s never really perfect)

I manage to keep track of the program and the songs, always one step ahead and while the mood in the control room was rather hectic, as it should be, it seemed like everyone had their responsibilities under control. The result was a pretty good show. I think everyone, including the band, was happy with the result.

Would you like to see the show? It’ll be published on The University of Stavanger’s Vimeo Channel.

Keeping track

Yesterday and today I’ve been keeping track of people, timescodes, seconds, minutes. What’s happening next? That’s my responsibility as I’m script for this weeks friday production in class.

This next series of friday productions is called Notekoppen, The Note Cup. (Weird name, I know) This next series consist of four shows and this time the focus is music. Every week we’ll have a new band in the studio who’ll play two songs live. Producing music performances is a new challenge, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

I’ve shot numerous music performances, but mostly as a camera operator. I really like it. I think it’s challenging and a lot of fun. At least if the music is good. This time I’m behind the camera, keeping track of it all. It’ll be interesting. I like keeping things under control and making plans isn’t too bad, so it’s my kind of job, but this is the first time I’m doing something like this on this scale. The music performance part is going to be really interesting. Keeping track of when guitar solos and cool stuff comes is the part I’m most curious about.

Now, I’m off to fine tune the plans for tomorrow.

Watch Input/Output online

I was just made aware of that the 4-part series we produces in class called Input/Output is now available to watch online at Vimeo.

Input/Output is a 20 minute TV-show, produced live to tape by our TV-production 2 class at the University of Stavanger. My functions on the show have been camera operator, lighting and set design, camera controller and sound.

You’ll find all four episodes of Input/Output here. Enjoy!



Tomorrow my class is covering Siddis Brass, a national brassband competition held in Stavanger, for the national broadcaster NRK. As a class project we’ll produce a live webcast from the event. We’ve produced stuff like this before and starting to get the hang of it, so I think we’ll we okey. The challange is the fact that this live webcast we’ll last more than 10 hours, from 08.30 to about 19.30. That’s going to be interesting.

I was originally going to be handeling the video mixing for this, but since I could not get off work this saturday, I’ll be camera instead. We have two camera crews, one for the moring, and one for the afternoon due to the duration of the broadcast.

So I’ll be shooting brass bands for 5 hours tomorrow. Let’s hope there’s some good music at least.

Here’s a link to the live broadcast for anyone interested.



Today started with caos. I was up pretty early and somehow I managed to take the wrong bus to campus. Unfortunatley this bus went straight out on the highway and didn’t stop for 15 minutes. So, I arrived a little late. I was really happy about setting everything up yesterday. The set up today was quick and easy, so my late arrival didn’t hinder the production.

Control RoomFirst we shot a test. It went pretty bad. Mostly because the cameracrew had not seen the show and had no idea what was happening. After a quick de-brief we were ready for the actual production. This time everything went smooth. Nice images and mixing. Everything was under control. Until the screen went pixels that is. A little misunderstanding lead to us running out of tape and we lost the last minutes of the show. Luckily, we did tape the test and we did run a recording on a camera holding a total shot, so I think we’ll be OK with just a little editing.